Racecar Wrap Order Info

    Custom Wrap Form


    If you do not have all of your sponsors, or are missing information, please do not fill out this form. Each change will put you at the back of the line. More than 5 changes will forfeit your deposit.

    We can design your custom race car. Fill out this form and we can get the process started. Please note that designs require a $100 deposit. This goes towards the price of the wrap and is non-refundable once the artwork is done. 

    • Please note that filling out as much of this information is extremely critical in making sure you get exactly what you want out of your wrap. 

    • If you leave any information out, you could be subject to additional fees if you need to add something later on. Therefore, it is highly beneficial to think of everything and anything before submitting this form. 

    • Colors on the proof will not reflect actual printed color. 

    • Fluorescent colors CANNOT be reproduced on a computer screen, keep this in mind when reviewing the proof.

    • First 2 proof changes are included with your deposit. Any change after is subject to a $25.00fee, per change.